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We specialize in waste management and environmental integrated solutions utilizing the best available technology. We are a Qatari company based in Doha. Our name is derived from the Arabic word “Istidama” meaning sustainability. Our company serves three main entities: environment, society, and economy.

Our expertise and competency serve both local and international companies looking into environmental and waste management solutions that involve SMART waste systems, environmental strategies, and waste recycling and minimization solutions.

You can trust us to solve your waste management challenges, help preserve the environment and responsibly comply with regulations maintaining and improving your capacity for sustainable operations.

At Istidama, we customize our business approach and strategies according to our client’s needs, suggest, and improvements no matter the industry’s size and complexity. We provide advisory, consultancy, research, and auditing services related to the circular economy, resource recovery, reverse logistics, waste handling, and sustainable development goals (specifically relating to waste) to governments, international agencies, and companies. We are the first in the industry to assist manufacturers in meeting landfill reduction and sustainability goals.

mission, visIon & values

our vision

To become a leading partner in achieving Qatar’s National Climate Change Action Plan

our mission

Diversifying and balancing economic growth with environmental protection


Istidama is driven by the vision of His Highness, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad, Emir of Qatar, that aims to create a balance between development needs and protecting the environment that is highlighted in the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the Qatar National Climate Change Action Plan.

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Al Maha Al Majid

CEO and Co-founder

Al-Maha Al-Majid is an entrepreneur, life coach, executive, and leading voice in Qatar championing for change around environmental practices and sustainability programs. Focused on impacting the region, economy, and future generations, she is innovative and strategic with a mission-focused business mentality and passionate executive prowess.

Al-Maha joined Qatalum, a leading manufacturer of aluminium, in 2009 as a Quality Engineer. In 2014, she was promoted by the CEO directly to Senior Sustainability Engineer to support the function and played a major role leading a creative project to resolve challenging waste from aluminium smelter and lower toxic emissions which earned the GAC (Gulf Aluminum Council) Environmental Award. She then advanced to lead as Head of Environment and Sustainability before her promotion to Environment and Sustainability Manager where she currently owns environmental performance in compliance with all environmental regulations across air quality, waste, water, and pollution and hazardous material management.

Committed to expanding her scope of influence and impact beyond the walls of her organization, she co-founded a consulting practice, Istidama. Driven by the vision of His Highness, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad, Emir of Qatar, her mission is to create a balance between development needs and protecting the environment. The goal of Istidama is truly to be a leading partner in waste management through integrated solutions in support and advancement of a more sustainable Qatar. She leverages her experience and innovative nature alongside other leaders in the region to lead the charge for green initiatives at the country level and beyond.

Istidama is committed to introducing and implementing SMART waste management systems in the state. We conduct researches and careful studies of the current market conditions and bridge the gaps by creating awareness and recommendations within the waste generator communities. We offer awareness trainings and certifications, conduct independent audit and integrate environmental costs connected with goods throughout their life cycles through our EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) strategy.
Istidama is the first company in Qatar to become a gold member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), the largest gathering of experts and consultants in the field of solid waste management and treatment in the world.
There is a lot of work to be done in ensuring that the future generation thrives in an environment that is safe and able to provide the necessary provisions for survival and advancement. Istidama will ensure that it will undertake innovative projects and partner with companies who share the same goal of putting the environment first and being cost-effective in the process. Istidama intends to leave a legacy that we sincerely care in preserving and protecting the environment and in doing so, contribute into making this world truly a better place for everyone to enjoy.


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